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Carl Jung: I am no anti-semite


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Letters Vol. I

To Abraham Aaron Roback

Dear Sir, [Bailey Island, Maine?], 29 September 1936

I am sorry I cannot accept President Moore’s kind invitation as I am leaving this country already Oct. 3rd.

Since we are bilingual in Switzerland my name is “Carl” as well as “Charles” (French), so there was not much of a mistake.

Concerning my so-called “Nazi affiliation” there has been quite anunnecessary noise about it.

I am no Nazi, as a matter of fact I am quite unpolitical.

German psychotherapists asked me to help them to maintain their professional organization, as there was an immediate danger that psychotherapy in Germany would be wiped out of existence.

It was considered as “Jewish science” and therefore highly suspect.

Those German doctors were my friends and only a coward would leave his friends when they are in dire need of help.

Not only did I set up their organization again but I made it clear that psychotherapy is an honest-to-God attempt and moreover I made it possible for Jewish German doctors, being excluded from professional organizations, to become immediate members of the International Society at least.

But nobody mentions the fact that so many perfectly innocent existences could have been completely crushed if I had not stepped in.

It is true that I have insisted upon the difference between Jewish and Christian psychology since 1917, but Jewish authors have done the same long ago as well as recently.

I am no anti-Semite.

From all this I gained neither honours nor money, but I am glad that I could be of service to those in need.

Faithfully yours,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 219

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