The Red Book

Illustration 133 in Carl Jung’s Red Book.

A solitary is cooking up healing potions.

He makes offering to the four winds.

He greets the stars and touches the earth.

He holds something luminous in his hand.

Flowers sprout around him and the bliss of a new spring kisses all his limbs.

Birds fly around and the shy animals of the forest gaze at him.

He is far from men and yet the threads of their fate pass through his hands.

May your intercession be meant for him, so that his medicine grows ripe

and strong and brings healing to the deepest wounds.

For your sake he is solitary and waits alone between Heaven and earth,for

the earth to rise up to him and for Heaven to come down to him.

All peoples are still far off and stand behind the wall of darkness.

But I hear his words, which reach me from afar.

He has chosen a poor scribe, someone hard of hearing, who also stutters

when he writes.

I do not recognize him, the solitary. What is he saying? He says: ( {I suffer

fear and distress for the sake of man.”

I dug up old runes and magical sayings for words never reach men. Words

have become shadows.

Therefore I took old magical apparatuses and prepared hot potions and mixed

in secrets and ancient powers, things that even the cleverest would not guess at.

I stewed the roots of all human thoughts and deeds.

I watched over the cauldron through many starry nights. The brew ferments forever.

I need your intercession, your kneeling, your desperation and your patience.

I need your ultimate and highest longing, your purest willing, your most humble subjugation.

Solitary, who are you waiting for? Whose help do you require? There is none

who can rush to your aid, since all look to you and wait for your healing art.

We are all utterly incapable and need help more than you. Grant us help

so that we can help you in return.

The solitary speaks: Will no one stand by me in this need? should I leave

my work to help you so that you can help me again? But how should I help

you, if my brew has not grown ripe and strong? It was supposed to help you.

What do you hope from me?

Come to us! Why are you standing there cooking up marvels?

What can your healing and magical potion do for us? Do you believe in healing potions?

Look at life, behold how much it needs you!