letters Vol. II

To J . G. Thompson

Dear Mr. Thompson, 23 July 1957

If somebody has a vision it doesn’t mean that he is necessarily

Perfectly normal people can have visions in certain moments.

St. Paul was definitely not insane nor was his vision extraordinary.

I know quite a number of cases of visions of Christ or auditions of a voice from within.

Being a highly religious man St. Paul was almost expected to have such experiences, as he had also received his Gospel through immediate revelation.

As experience shows, the figure one sees is not necessarily identical with the person one identifies with it, just as the picture by an artist is not identical with the original; but it is obvious that the vision of Christ was a most important religious experience to St. Paul.

Being a rather old man I am not capable of answering any letters.

If you should have some more questions, important to your spiritual welfare, my secretary will be answering them.

Faithfully yours, C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 380.