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I have as little need to convince myself of how good the Catholic Church is for very many people.
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letters Vol. II


Dear N., 7 September 1935

Best thanks for your kind letter.

I was very interested to hear of your experiences with the Oxford people.

What you tell me accords by and large with my expectations.

I can very well imagine that such a milieu is a great relief for you.

One of the great advantages of this movement is that it gives people all those collective Alleviations which they do not possess or cannot create for themselves, together with a shared religious confession.

That was always the meaning of the Christian community.

I hope very many more people will recognize this meaning.

The world is in dire need of it.

I have heard the same reports from many people I know well, so that I am sufficiently convinced that the movement has positive results to show.

It would therefore be quite superfluous for me to convince myself personally of it again.

I have as little need to convince myself of how good the Catholic Church is for very many people.

I have seen this only too well with people whom I also know well.

I could cite other religions that rescue man from his isolation in the ego.

This typically individualistic isolation is in fact the sickness of our time, the essential cause of which is that a real communal religion no longer exists and most people have forgotten that Christianity is one.

I have always known this as I had the advantage of a Christian education and have consequently never felt isolated or dried up.

I am sincerely happy to know that you have found the atmosphere that agrees with you and that the meaning of the nearly two-thousand-year-old Christian religion has dawned upon you.

With best regards,

CARL ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 197-198

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