The word “secret” appears in many book titles in an effort to create sales, but the reader often finds few secrets inside.

This book is a rare exception.

There is a powerful secret to be found within these pages.

It claims to contain the hidden jewel that both Eastern and Western religions have been seeking for centuries.

Religions have lost their focus, having turned their attention away from this mystical process and toward their dogmatic theologies.

The Golden Flower, in terms of this book, is the hidden light within the human body that is the key to spiritual enlightenment.

This book reveals how the reader can tap into it using meditative and Taoist Yoga practices.

This can result in higher wisdom, spiritual bliss and a complete transformation of consciousness.

It includes a Commentary by the legendary psychologist C.G. Jung concerning the differences in consciousness between the East and West, as well as his closing Appendix honoring the memory and accomplishments of the original Translator of this work, Richard Wilhelm.

Richard Wilhelm is the Marco Polo of the inner world of China.

He, more than any other, is responsible for opening up to the West the vast spiritual heritage of China and thus all of Asia.

He translated the great philosophical works from Chinese into German, where they have in turn been translated into the other major languages of the world, including English.

To this day, among the dozens of translations of the I Ching now available, his 1923 translation stands head and shoulders above the rest.

He introduced the I Ching, and Chinese philosophy, to the School of Wisdom when it first opened in 1920.

These ideas have been a integral part of its program ever since. Richard Wilhelm, and the ancient Chinese Sages he came to know so well, are key Ancestors of the School of Wisdom.

Secret of the Golden Flower