Visions Seminar

Dr. Jung: Well, that the goddess says she will destroy her means that she will destroy her mind, her body, her consciousness, everything that she is.

Then on top of all that, the flame on her breast.

What is that flame?

Mrs. Fierz: The Self, the Purusha.

Dr. Jung: Yes, it is the little flame in the lower apex of the triangle in the center of anahata, the breast center; in the Tantric yoga this is the vision or apparition of the Purusha.

The anahata center is the one where judgment begins; and in the fact that one can detach from unconsciousness and from the identity with things, from participation mystique, is the first manifestation of the independent Self.

You see I myself, my consciousness, my life, my body, all that can be quite unconscious.

Therefore one always should ask whether a human being is with or without that flame, for where that spark is lacking, one knows that person is below the diaphragm, he is in the manipura or svadhisthana center.

Where the spark exists, you know that anahata psychology is reached at least, there is already a recognition of the Purusha.

From that remark in the fantasy we know that this woman has reached, to a certain extent,the stage of the anahata psychology, she has that little flame on her breast.

So in speaking of her, one really should say, Mrs. So-and-So and her little flame, because that is not self-evident.

Now do you think it would be possible for this earth mother to destroy her without destroying the little flame?

Miss Hannah: Yes, because the Purusha is absolutely indestructible.

Dr. Jung: But she says she would destroy the Purusha in her, herself and the Purusha.

Mr. Allemann: If she comes down again from anahata, the flame is destroyed.

Dr. Jung: Yes, for the earth mother is muladhara, and if she fetches her down, she naturally slips back into manipura, and from manipura into svadhisthana, and finally lands down at the bottom in muladhara, and then the flame is gone. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Pages 965-966