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Letters Volume II

To Ralf Winkler

Dear Herr Winkler, 5 June 1957

I am sorry you knocked at my door in vain, and that my secretary may not have made the true state of affairs sufficiently clear to you.

I understand your need for people very well, also your wish to make contact with people who really have something to say.

At the age of nearly 82 perhaps I may say without being presumptuous that in my long life I have seen so many people, and also helped them, that my present seclusion seems to me well-earned and ought not to be grudged.

The obligation to be there for others must now be taken over by others who have more strength.

This has nothing to do with “lack of humanity” on my part, rather I appeal to your humanity to understand my situation.

Perhaps you also will one day understand that it is only the man who is really capable of being alone, and without bitterness, who attracts other people.

Then he doesn’t need to seek them anymore, they come all by themselves, among them the very ones whom he himself needs.

With my best wishes,


C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 366-367