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Letters Volume II


Dear Sir, 20 May 1957

Please excuse the delay in my answer.

I am a very busy man.

Many thanks for so kindly sending me your drawings.

This is one of those imaginative series which I always scrutinize in cases where an unconscious fantasy has been granted free expression.

While you were, consciously, starting out on architectural problems you constellated a reaction of the unconscious, which is characteristic in such a case.

Whenever and wherever you turn to some extent towards the unconscious it seldom or never answers as one would expect; it is rather as if nature itself were answering.

Its answer does not necessarily refer to that piece of reality you have in mind, it is reacting to the whole man and brings into sight what the whole man should know, in other words, it compensates for an insight lacking in consciousness.

Since it has to do with the whole man, its answer also concerns the whole; something fundamentally important is being imparted.

But this kind of answer is so personal and so often hits the weakest spot that no one, except during analytic treatment, can presume the right to comment upon it.

So it is on these grounds that I do not go further into the nature of the reaction.

I must leave the further exposition of the unconscious statement to your own best judgment and meditation.

With the highest regards and best thanks,

Sincerely yours,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 360-361.