Letters Volume II

To Walter Cimbal

Dear Colleague, 28 March 1957

I was very glad to hear that you are following the developments in psychiatry with so much interest and attention.

I see, however, that you have been misled by newspaper reports.

I am sorry to tell you, first, that these reports were not put out into the world by me but by a person or persons unknown, and second, that they are not only mistaken but in part downright untrue.

The facts underlying these rumours are as follows:

Prof. Manfred Bleuler asked me to set down my experiences in the field of schizophrenia in a paper for the coming International Congress for Psychiatry in Zurich.

This I have done-so far as is possible in the framework of a paper-while confining myself to essentials.

In it I have mentioned only in passing the extent to which the toxin hypothesis appears probable to me.

The possibility of a toxin was already in the air 50 years ago, as you have set forth at such length.

I well remember the cobra poison reaction, which was often discussed at Bleuler’s clinic.

I cannot claim to be an authority on this matter.

The question of the toxin itself interested me far less than its connection with the psychogenesis of schizophrenia.

You will find all this discussed in the multigraph I am sending you by the same post.

I cannot regret that a false rumour has led you to write your long and painstaking letter, for it has brought back many old memories of that seminal time and also of our enjoyable collaboration.

So many things were going well until the political madness severed all continuity of meaning.

With cordial thanks and kindest regards,

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 355-357.