Stanza 12 (George Ripley, Cantilena )

I can not otherwise enter into the kingdom of God
to be born here. I must humble myself back
in the womb, join
A raw material and break me

Stanza 26

So when the time was come,
the mother gave birth to her new son conceived before.
After his birth, he covered his royal status.
She had a child at all pleasant to heaven points.

Stanza 27

The bed of the mother was square.
After the appointed time he became round
and lid, circular,
Shone on all sides like the brightness of the moon

This verse confirms that the whole solution became moon and in addition to the solution, the vessel containing the matrix was affected by the change. The “bed” was previously Square is now round as the full moon. ” Cooperculum “(cover) is more applicable to a vessel to a bed, and this is the cover that shines like the moon. Since it is the upper part of the vessel, it obviously refers also where the moon rises, that is to say where the content of the vessel appears to date.

Here ends the quadrature of the circle, which is one of the synonyms of the Magisterium. What is angular remains imperfect and is relayed by the perfect represents the circle. Mother (as qu’eaux mother) is both the content and the vase, although meeting more often used to describe the same time the content. So go correctly identified the aqua permanens .

The introduction of circular shape and perfect means that the son of the mother reaches out to perfection, in other words, that the king comes to the youth (eternal) and his body became incorruptible. Since the square is the quaternity enemy elements, the circle evokes their meeting in one. “One shot of four” is the quintessence ( quinta essentia ).

Stanza 28

So you square the bed became Round
And very dark black, white and pure.
This is right out the red child
who, delighted, took over the royal scepter

The vase, the content and the mother herself who has become the father’s son who rose from the deepest to the brightness of the moon and dark red color acquired by solificatio (transformation into sun). As it melted all opposites.

Stanza 29

Then God opened the gates of heaven,
He embellished (the King) as the white moon
And after high instead of command,
he was legitimately crowned sun spitting flames.

Our author describes the renewal of the King and the birth of the son as the manifestation of a new redeemer – which makes a strange sound in the mouth of a clerk of the Middle Ages. The sublimation of the Moon “instead of command” ( ad imperii loca ) is unquestionably a paraphrase of the Assumption of Mary, on the one hand, and the wedding of the Ecclesia sponsa , on the other hand. The opening of Paradise represents nothing less than the coming of the kingdom of God on earth. Giving it attributes as the sun and the moon, the author of the filius regius perfect reproduction of the primordial man, which is the universe.

Note: Stanzas from George Ripley’s “Cantilena.”