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Carl Jung on the decline of traditional values in India and China.

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Letters Volume II

To Adolf Keller

Dear friend, August 1956

My last letter was not meant to be a letter of farewell; it merely gave vent to my annoyance that you have failed to see how much I have struggled to understand the dogmatic conception of Christ psychologically.

Now as ever I am of the opinion that Protestant theologians would have every reason to take my views seriously, for otherwise the same thing could happen here as has already happened in China and will happen in India: that the traditional religious ideas die of literal-mindedness, or are spewed out en masse because of their indigestibility.

In China, for instance, a philosopher like Hu Shih is ashamed to know anything of the I Ching, the profound significance of Tao has got lost, and instead people worship locomotives and aeroplanes.

Nowadays there is only a handful of Protestant theologians who have the slightest idea of what psychology could mean for them.

With friendly greetings,

Carl ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 322.