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Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

Being that has soul is living being.

Soul is the living thing in man, that which lives of itself and causes life.

Therefore God breathed into Adam a living breath, that he might live.

With her cunning play of illusions the soul lures into life the inertness of matter that does not want to live.

She makes us believe incredible things, that life may be lived. She is full of snares and traps, in order that man should fall, should reach the earth, entangle himself there, and stay caught, so that life should be lived; as Eve in the garden of Eden could not rest content until she had convinced Adam of the goodness of the forbidden apple.

Were it not for the leaping and twinkling of the soul, man would rot away in his greatest passion, idleness. ~Carl Jung, CW 9i, Para 56