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Carl Jung: It would provoke a National Socialist outburst of devastating sterility.
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Letters Volume I

To Oluf Brilel

Dear Dr. Briiel, 12 December 1936

Your news is somewhat disappointing. Fortunately the notice about the Congress has not appeared in the Zentralblatt yet.

Your proposition to postpone the Congress until September, on the other hand, is an inevitable issue.

Concerning the date: 4-6 September, I should plead rather for a later date, end of September or beginning of October.

In September I’m usually having my vacations abroad or I’m busy with scientific work which then I should hate to interrupt.

I should be much obliged if you could kindly look into this matter and tell me whether it couldn’t be the later date.

Concerning your proposition to deal with the theme of “Nationale Bedingtheit der Psychotherapie”

I must say that this is an exceedingly ticklish topic.

First of all it would demand a very thorough formulation of the differences of national psychologies and then it would challenge all the different political convictions that are actually raging in Europe.

It would most certainly provoke a National Socialist outburst of devastating sterility.

The general political atmosphere is such that one couldn’t dare to introduce any topic that would come anywhere near to politics or nationalistic prejudices.

Yes, if psychotherapists were philosophically minded and au dessus de la melee, nothing would be better and more fruitful than such a discussion, but as things and human beings are what they actually are, I’m afraid that any such discussion is absolutely
out of question.

Please let me know as soon as possible what you think about a postponement of our Congress to the end of September or beginning of

Sincerely yours,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol I, Pages 221-222