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Letters Volume I

To Heinrich Zimmer

Dear Professor Zimmer, 14 December 1936

First of all I want to thank you most heartily for your very friendly review of The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Secondly, I enclose letters of recommendation to various Americans.

I give you these letters sealed, because they also contain personal matters.

  1. Prof. W. E. Clark of Harvard University, whom I know personally.

I had some delightful talks with him on the occasion of my visit there.

He is a very introverted man who must be approached with the politeness due to animals in the bush, that is to say one must act as if one had not seen him and must talk softly and slowly so as not to scare him off.

It is also advisable to whistle before going into the forest so that the rhinos won’t be startled out of their slumbers but are gently and melodiously prepared for your coming and have time to make themselves scarce.

He has a very nice wife who is the exact opposite.

  1. I also recommend you to Prof. W. E. Hocking of Harvard University.

This one is “correct.”

He wears a stiff collar day and night.

But once you have deeply acknowledged his correctness and conventionality and given him a chance to explain that he is not what he looks like, the way is paved for a useful conversation.

His rebellion against American Christianity, or rather against the Genius Agri Harvardensis, has brought about a strong link with Taoist philosophy.

A few sublimities dropped sotto voce from Chuang-tsu and Chu-his should strike the right note.

His wife overflows with feeling and it is very advantageous to display a certain helplessness.

  1. The third recommendation is to Prof. Harry Caplan at Cornell University.

  2. The fourth is to Prof. Blake, director of the Widener Library at Harvard.

He is Gargantuan in every respect and helpful like all fat people.

He is a linguist (Slavic languages).

  1. Don’t omit to visit my friend Leonard Bacon, the American poet, whose most important work
    appears to be his “Animula Vagula.”

8 He lives in his private theatre where it is all tremendously noisy and diverting.

  1. In New York I can recommend you to our Psychological Club, whose president is Dr. E. Henley ….

I should be greatly obliged if you could tell me whereabouts in Indian literature Surya or the sun
is described as one-footed.

I think I have read it somewhere but cannot find the note.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 222-223

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