Red Book

The one arose from the melting together of the two. He was born as a child from my own human soul, which had conceived him with resistance like a virgin. Thus it corresponds to the image that the ancients have given to us.

But when the mother, my soul, was pregnant with the God, I did not know it. It even seemed to me as if my soul herself was the God, although he lived only in her body.And thus the image of the ancients is fulfilled: I pursued my soul to kill the child in it.

For I am also the worst enemy of my God.

But I also recognized that my enmity is decided upon in the God. He is mockery and hate and anger, since this is also a way of life.

I must say that the God could not come into being before the hero had been slain.

The hero as we understand him has become an enemy of the God, since the hero is perfection.

The Gods envy the perfection of man, because perfection has no need of the Gods. But since no one is perfect, we need the Gods.

The Gods love perfection because it is the total way of life. But the Gods are not with him who wishes to be perfect, because he is an imitation of perfection. ~The Red Book; Page 244.

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