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Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume 2, 1951-1961

To Aniela Jaffe

Dear Aniela, Bollingen, 6 April 1954

Best thanks for your excellent review = I have nothing to correct in it!

After all the rubbish that gets delivered to my house on my work, it is such a pleasure to find something understanding and friendly for once.

I often ask myself why by far the most of my “critics” are so unfriendly and unobjective?

Is my style so irritating, or what is it in me that the world finds so offensive?

This is understandable with Job, for that was its purpose.

Now I have been irritated enough.

Your pious wishes for good weather were fulfilled only on Sunday, but then totally.

Now the weather is beastlier than ever, so that one can only huddle behind the stove.

I busy myself chiefly with cooking, eating and sleeping.

In between I am writing a long letter to Pater White.

He has-thanks be to God-chosen the better course of facing his difficulties with complete honesty.

I now see clearly what a fatal challenge my psychology is for a theologian but, it seems, not only for him.

I observe myself in the stillness of Bollingen and with all my experience of nearly eight decades must admit that I have found no rounded answer to myself.

I am just as much in doubt about myself as before, the more so the more I try to say something definite.

It is as though familiarity with oneself alienated one from oneself still further.


Yours ever,

C.G. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 162-163.