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The Red Book

Everything odious and disgusting is your own particular Hell. How can it be otherwise?

Every other Hell was at least worth seeing or full of fun.

But that is never Hell. Your Hell is made up of all the things that you always ejected from your sanctuary with a curse and a kick of the foot.

When you step into your own Hell, never think that you come like one suffering in beauty; or as a proud pariah, but you come like a stupid and curious fool and gaze in wonder at the scraps that have fallen from your table.

You really want to rage, but you see at the same time how well rage suits you.

Your hellish absurdity stretches for miles.

Good for you if you can swear! You will :find that profanity is lifesaving.

Thus if you go through Hell, you should not forget to give due attention to whatever crosses your path. secretly  look into everything that excites your contempt or rage; thereby you accomplish the miracle that I experienced with the pale maiden.

You give soul to the soulless, and thereby it can come to something out of horrible nothingness.

Thus you will redeem your other into life.

Your values want to draw you away from what you presently are, to get you ahead of and beyond yourself Your being, however, pulls you to the bottom like lead.

You cannot at the same time live both, since both exclude each other. But on the way you can live both. Therefore the way redeems you.

You cannot at the same time be on the mountain and in the valley, but your way leads you from mountain to valley and from valley to mountain.

Much begins amusingly and leads into the dark Hell has levels. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Pages 264-265 Carl Jung Depth