The Red Book

The child, that is, the image of the God’s formation, not only bore my human craving, but also enclosed all the primordial and elemental powers that the sons of the sun possess as an inalienable inheritance.

The God needs all this for his genesis. But when he has been created and hastens away into unending space, we need the gold of the sun.

We just regenerate ourselves.

But as the creation of a God is a creative act of highest love, the restoration of our human life signifies an act of the Below. This is a great and dark mystery.

Man cannot accomplish this act solely by himself but is assisted by evil, which does it instead of man. But man must recognize his complicity in the act of evil.

He must bear witness to this recognition by eating from the bloody sacrificial flesh.

Through this act he testifies that he is a man, that he recognizes good as well as evil, and that he destroys the image of the God’s formation through withdrawing his life force, with which he also dissociates himself from the God. This occurs for the salvation of the soul, which is the true mother of the divine child.

When it bore and gave birth to the God, my soul was of human nature throughout; it possessed the primordial powers since time immemorial, but only in a dormant condition.

They flowed into forming the God without my help. But through the sacrificial murder, I redeemed the primordial powers and added them to my soul.

Since they became part of a living pattern, they are no longer dormant, but awake and active and irradiate my soul with their divine working.

Through this it receives a divine attribute. Hence the eating of the sacrificial flesh aided its healing.

The ancients have also indicated this to us, in that they taught us to drink the blood and eat the flesh of the savior. The ancients believed that this brought healing to the soul.!

There are not many truths, there are only a few. Their meaning is too deep to grasp other than in symbols.! ~Carl Jung; The Red Book; Page 291. Carl Jung Depth Psychology Facebook Group: Carl Jung Depth Psychology Blog: