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The Red Book

Christmas has come. The God is in the egg.
I have prepared a rug for my God, an expensive red rug from the land
Of morning.
He shall be surrounded by the shimmer of magnificence of his
Eastern land.
I am the mother, the simple maiden, who gave birth and did not
know how.
I am the careful father, who protected the maiden.
I am the shepherd, who received the message as he guarded his herd at
night on the dark fields.

I am the holy animal that stood astonished and cannot grasp the
becoming of the God ..
I am the wise man who came from the East, suspecting the miracle
from afar
And I am the egg that surrounds and nurtures the seed of the God
in me.

The solemn hours lengthen.
And my humanity is wretched and suffers torment.
Since I am a giver of birth.
Whence do you delight me, 0h God!’
He is the eternal emptiness and the eternal fullness.
Nothing resembles him and he resembles everything.
Eternal darkness and eternal brightness.
Eternal below and eternal above.
Double nature in one

Simple in the manifold.
Meaning in absurdity.
Freedom in bondage.
Subjugated when victorious.
old in youth.
Yes in no.

light of the middle way,
enclosed in the egg,
full or ardor, oppressed.
Fully expectant,
dreamlike, awaiting lost memories.
As heavy as stone, hardened.
Molten, transparent.
Streaming bright, coiled on itself.

Amen, you are the lord of the beginning.
Amen, you are the star of the East.
Amen, you are the flower that blooms over everything.
Amen, you are the deer that breaks out of the forest.
Amen, you are the song that sounds far over the water.
Amen, you are the beginning and the end.

One word that was never spoken.
One light that was never lit up.
An unparalleled confusion.
And a road without end.

I forgive myself these words, as you also forgive me for wanting your
blazing light.

Rise up, you gracious fire of old night.
I kiss the threshold of your beginning.
Myhand prepares the rug and spreads abundant red jfowers before you.
Rise up my friend, you who lay sick, break through the shell.
We have prepared a meal for you.
Gifts have been prepared for you.
Dancers await you.
We have built a house for you.

Your servants stand ready.
We drove herds together for you on green fields.
We filled your cup with red wine.
We set out fragrant fruit on golden dishes.
We knock at your prison and lay our ears against it.
The hours lengthen, tarry no longer.
We are wretched without you and our song is worn out.

We are miserable without you and wear out our songs.
We spoke all the words that our heart gave us.
What else do you want
What else shall we fulfill for your
We open every door for you.
We bend our knees where you want us to.
We go to all points on the compass according to your wish.
We carry up what is below, and we turn what is above into what is below,
as you command.
We give and take according to your wish.
We wanted to turn right, but go left, obedient to your sign. We rise and we
fall, we sway and we remain still, we see and we are blind, we hear and we
are deaf, we say yes and no, always hearing your word.
We do not comprehend and we live the incomprehensible.
We do not love and we live the unloved.
And we evolve around ourselves again and comprehend
and live the understandable.
We love and live the loved, true to your law. /
Come to us, we who are willing from our own will.
Come to us, we who understand you from our own spirit.
Come to us, we who will warm you at our own fire.
Come to us, we who will heal you with our own art.
Come to us, we who will produce you out of our own body.
Come, child, to father and mother.

We asked earth.
We asked Heaven.
We asked the sea.
We asked the wind.
We asked the fire.
We looked for you with all the peoples.
We looked for you with all the kings.
We looked for you with all the wise.
We looked for you in our own heads and hearts.
And we found you in the egg.

I have slain a precious human sacrifice for you,
a youth and old man.
I have cut my skin with a knife

I have sprinkled your altar with my own blood.
I have banished my father and mother so that you can live with me.
I have turned my night into day and went about at midday
like a sleepwalker.
I have overthrown all the Gods, broken the laws, eaten the impure.
I have thrown down my sword and dressed in women’s clothing.
I shattered my firm castle and played like a child in the sand.
I saw warriors form into line of battle and I destroyed my suit of armor
with a hammer.
I planted my field and let the fruit decay.
I made small everything that was great and made everything great
that was small.
I exchanged my furthest goal for the nearest, and so I am ready. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Pages 284-285