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The Red Book

What do you think of the essence of Hell? Hell is when the depths come to you with all that you no longer are or are not yet capable of Hell is when you can no longer attain what you could& attain.

Hell is when you must think and feel and do everything that you know you do not want.

Hell is when you know that your having to is also a wanting to, and that you yourself are responsible for it.

Hell is when you know that everything serious that you have planned with yourself is also laughable, that everything fine is also brutal, that everything good is also bad, that everything high is also low, and that everything pleasant is also shameful.

But the deepest Hell is when you realize that Hell is also no Hell, but a cheerful Heaven, not a Heaven in itself, but in this respect a Heaven, and in that respect a Hell.

That is the ambiguity of the God: he is born from a dark ambiguity and rises to a bright ambiguity.

Equivocalness simplicity and leads to death.

But ambiguity is the way of life.

If the left foot does not move, then the right one does, and you move. The God wills this. [The Red Book; Page 244]

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