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The Cat

Marie Louise Von Franz and The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redemption –

When we first approach the unconscious, it is a hard nut for us to crack. We can’t penetrate it, we don’t understand our dreams and so on; we have to bite through to understand dreams and we are repelled until we get into them and find there is a message within, something that nourishes.

You often see that in analysis. People who have a heavy depression or some other problem, generally, if they have had other types of analysis before, or never had any analysis, at first are bewildered by our Jungian methods.

We say, “Any dreams?” and then we begin to nut-crack dream symbols, and they wonder what that has to do with their marital problem or depression–until they discover for themselves that yes, their dreams have a life-giving message, and then they begin to realize the nourishing aspects of the unconscious.

For instance, they leave the analytic hour feeling better; they came into the hour depressed and they haven’t understood much yet, but they feel better, more hopeful. They come in contact with the nourishing aspect of the unconscious, and this begins to give some vitality to consciousness, to impart some hope.” Marie Louise Von Franz; The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redemption; Pages 105-106.