Zarathustra Seminars

[Carl Jung: In the shadow we are exactly like everybody; in the night all cats are grey-there is no difference.]

Exactly, it would break his bubble. Being identical with Zarathustra, who is also Wotan, he is half divine and above humanity.

Inasmuch as Zarathustra is a spirit, he deserves to be above humanity, but if Nietzsche identifies with him, it will come to the daylight that he is like everybody else.

And that is the shadow. In the shadow we are exactly like everybody; in the night all cats are grey-there is no difference.

So if you cannot stand living in the shadow or seeing yourself in the shadow, seeing your equality with everybody, you are forced to live in the light; and the sun fails at times: every night the sun goes under, and then you must have artificial light.

Many people develop a symptom out of that: they must have the light on or within reach, in order to be able to make a light when the darkness comes.

That means: hold onto consciousness for heaven’s sake; don’t get away from your distinction, from your knowledge of yourself as a separate being; don’t fall into what equality or you are put out.

And you are put out; you become a fish in the sea, just one in a huge swarm of herrings.

But that is exactly the thing one ought to be able to stand, because it is an eternal truth that all human beings belong to homo sapiens, that they all came from a particular kind of quite good monkeys, no one particularly different from the other.

So from a certain superior point of view, human beings are practically the same.

This is a truth and it should not be a deadly poison; but he even reviles that point of view as a spirit of revenge.

How on earth does he get the idea that this is a spirit of revenge? ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Pages 1090-1091.