The Red Book

Carl Jung, a frog among frogs

“Winter kept on going, and the destitute stood in snow and froze. I join myself with him, since I need him. He makes living light and easy. He leads to the depths, to the ground where I can see the heights. Without the depths, I do not have the heights. I may be on the heights, but precisely because of that I do not become aware of the heights. I therefore need the bottom-most for my renewal. If I am always on the heights, I wear them out and the best becomes atrocious to me….At your low point you are no longer distinct from your fellow beings. You are not ashamed and do not regret it, since insofar as you live the life of your fellow beings and descend to their lowness you also climb into the holy stream of common life, where you are no longer an individual on a high mountain but a fish among fish, a frog among frogs.” from the Red Book; Page 266 [large edition]