The creative aspect of suspension—also the creative aspect of the hunger and fasting is also a sort of symptom or a necessary accompaniment of a creative condition.

The creator will necessarily identify with what he wants to bring forth.

He will identify with the condition of the contents of the unconscious, which are in status nascendi, in the state of being born.

They are suspended, they are in the labor pains of birth, and the creative consciousness is identified with that condition.

Therefore, the creator will put himself into the state of suspension, of torment, in order to embody or incarnate the unconscious contents.…

Our unconscious contents are potentialities that may be but are not yet, because they have no definiteness.

Only when they become definite can they appear.…

To give body to one’s thoughts means that one can speak them, paint them, show them, make them appear clearly before the eyes of everybody.… ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Pages 193-194.