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ESP is that relativizes the space as well as the time factor.


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To J. B . Rhine

Dear Dr. Rhine, 25 September 1953

I am indeed very sorry to be so late in answering your letter.

I am no longer efficient.

Everything takes its time, usually a long one.

I am not sure whether I can get together all my reminiscences concerning para-psychical events.

There were plenty.

The accumulation of such tales does not seem to be profitable.

The collection by Gurney, Myers and Podmore has produced very little effect.

People who know that there are such things [para-psychical] need no further confirmation, and people not wanting to know are free, as hitherto, to say that one tells them fairy tales.

I have encountered so much discouraging resistance that I am amply convinced of the stupidity of the learned guild.

A propos-you have probably heard that in Brussels a young mathematician, a Mr. Brown (?) ventilated his view that since your ESP is a fact, the foundations of your probability-calculation must be wrong, inasmuch as there are no real chance groupings or series.

Everything seems to be arranged to a certain (small) extent.

Well, I would not know it, but it would suit my synchronicity concept not at all badly.

The mescalin-man in Canada is Dr. Smythie from Queen’s Hospital in London.

He is the originator of this enormous hypothesis of a 7-dimensional universe, the subject of a symposium in the Proc.

Of the SPR. I could not ascertain what the good of such a hypothesis with reference to ESP might be.

I think the attempt to link up ESP with any personalistic psychology is absolutely hopeless.

I don’t even think that the emotional factor has any causal, i.e., aetiological importance.

As you say, personal factors can only hinder or help, but not cause.

The all-important aspect of ESP is that it relativizes the space as well as the time factor.

This is far beyond psychology.

If space and time are psychically relative, then matter is too (telekinesis!) and then causality is only Statistically true, which means that there are plenty of acausal exceptions, q.e.d.

As nobody knows what telepathy or precognition or clairvoyance are (except names for ill-defined groups of events), we could just as well designate them as x, y, z, i.e., 3 unknowns of which you could not give a definition, which means that you could not differentiate x from y and z, etc.

Their only obvious characteristic would be that they are arbitrary designations of an unknown factor.

It may even be x = y = z and probably is: principia explicandi praeter necessitatem non sunt multiplicanda!!

But nobody seems to be aware of this snag.

Hoping you are always in good health,

Yours cordially,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 126-127.