Zarathustra Seminars

The first editions of that book [The Centuries by Michel Nostradamus] are exceedingly rare; it was first printed in 1555. I have the edition of 1610 which is also quite rare.

Also he wrote to the King of France-I think it was Henry II-that in the year of 1793 they would have a new time calculation in France; and as a matter of fact in 1793 the Congress voted for that new division of the year into ten months, giving them those natural names, Germinal, Floreal, Fructidor, Brumaire, etc.; they voted on it in 1793 but it was to take effect already in 1792.

So old Michel Nostradamus was materially correct.

He was a peculiar fellow, but there are really astonishing things in those propheies, and he said they would be good until the year 3796.

I take it as simply an anticipation through reading the unconscious.

I don’t doubt that he is quite right, and if he had made prophecies for 6000 and 10000 A.D. I would equally believe it.

Why not? If he can foretell such things, what can he not foretell?

Probably we wuld all be very much better prophets if we were closer to the unconscious-of course always with a knowing mind.

You must have open eyes, and remain conscious in order to realize what you see. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Page 497.