Gerhard Dorn:

But no man can know himself unless he know what and not who he is, on whom he depends on whose he is (for by the law of truth no one belongs to himself), and to what end he was made. With this knowledge piety begins, which is concerned with two things, namely, with the Creator and the creature that is made like unto him. For it is impossible for the creature to know himself of himself, unless he first know his creator… No one can better know the Creator, than the workman is known by his work. ~Gerhard Dorn as quoted in Mysterium Coniunctionis; Pages 270-272; Para 362.

The sun is invisible in men, but visible in the world, yet both are of one and the same sun. ~Gerhard Dorn; Theatrum Chemicum Volume 1 Spec. phil.

This castle of inner truth will destroy many people; it is a cheap thing, mostly despised and even hated. But one should not hate it, but rather love it; it is the greatest treasure, it is loving to everybody and hostile to everybody. You can find it everywhere and practically nobody has ever found it. Change yourself, the heavenly wisdom says, from dead philosophical stones into living philosophical stones, because I am the true medicine and I change everything which cannot exist into something eternal. Why are you possessed by madness? Through yourself but not from you, is everything which you need and which you wrongly seek outside.

There shines in us, though dimly in darkness, the life and the light of man, a light which does not come from us, which however is in us, and we must therefore find it within us. It belongs to Him who has put it into us; we can find it in Him, in His light. Therefore the truth is not to be looked for in us, but in the image of God which dwells within us, that is the one thing which has no second other thing. It is the Being and is in itself the whole of existence. ~ Gerhard Dorn; An extract from Dorn’s ‘Philosophia speculativa’.

The Star in Man: C.G. Jung and Marie Louise von Franz on the Alchemical Philosophy of Gerhard Dorn: