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I have shot down a proud enemy..~Carl Jung







Memories Dreams Reflections

Extract from autobiographical book Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Conversation with Native American Chief, Ochwiay Biano.

‘See.’ Ochwiay Biano said, ‘how cruel the whites looks. Their lips are thin and their noses are sharp, their faces furrowed and distorted by folds. Their eyes have a staring expression; they are always seeking something. What are they seeking? The whites always want something, they are always uneasy and restless. We do not know what they want, we do not understand them. We think that they are mad.’

I asked him why he thought the whites were all mad.

‘They say that they think with their heads,’ he replied.

‘Why, of course, what do you think with?’ I asked him in surprise.

‘We think here,’ he said, indicating his heart.

Chief Biano opened Jungs eyes to the limitation of western ‘Rational’ thinking.