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The Red Book

Carl Jung; Red Book; Illustration 125.

The future should be left to those of the future. I return to the small and the real, for this is the great way, the way of what is to come.

I return to my simple reality, to my undeniable and most minuscule being.

And I take a knife and hold court over everything that has grown without measure and goal. Forests have grown around me, winding plants have climbed up me, and I am completely covered by endless proliferation.

The depths are inexhaustible, they give everything.

Everything is as good as nothing. Keep a little and you have something.

To recognize and l know your ambition and your greed, to gather your craving, to cultivate it, grasp it, make it serviceable, influence it, master it, order it, to give it interpretations and meanings, is extravagant. ~Carl Jung; Red Book.

The scene in the landscape resembles one of Jung’s waldng fantasies during his childhood in which Alsace is submerged by water, Basle is turned into a port, there is a ship with sails and a steamer, a medieval town, a castle with cannons and soldiers and inhabitants of the town, and a canal (Memories, p. 100). ~Carl Jung; Red Book; Footnote 237.