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Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume 2, 1951-1961

To J. Wesley Neal

Dear Sir, 9 February 1952

It is not so easy to answer your question about the “Island of Peace. ”

I seem to have quite a number of them, a sort of peaceful archipelago.

Some of the main islands are: my garden, the view of distant mountains, my country place where I withdraw from the noise of city life, my library.

Also small things like books, pictures, and stones.

When I was in Africa the headman of my safari, a Mohammedan Somali, told me what his Sheik had taught him about Chadir.

He said: “He can appear to thee like light without flame and smoke, or like a man in the street, or like a blade of grass.”

I hope this will answer your question.

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 40.