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Carl Jung Thanks for the wonderful, spirit-infused gift


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Letters, Vol. 2: 1951-1961

To Cornelia Brunner

Dear Frau Prasidentin, 2 August 1960

I still owe you my express thanks for the wonderful, spirit-infused gift that flew into the house on my birth- day.

You have endowed this birthday of mine with incredible generosity, so that I stand there quite ashamed beside all the magnificence, with the painful feeling that I can no longer give the Club what would otherwise be given so willingly.

I have to adapt myself with considerable effort to the role of recipient in which I have been living for nearly fifteen years.

In this respect the wine is a great tonic, and I am very grateful for the bountiful selection. Please give my best thanks to the Club members as well!
Very sincerely yours,

C.G. Jung Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 577-578