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Carl Jung; Red Book; Illustration 169.
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I set foot on new land. Nothing brought up should flow back. No one shall tear down what I have built. My tower is of iron and has no seams. The devil is forged into the foundations. The Cabiri built it and the master builders were sacrificed with the sword on the battlements of the tower. Just as a tower surmounts the summit of a mountain on which it stands, so I stand above my brain, from which I grew. I have become hard and cannot be undone again. No more do I flow back. I am the master of my own self I admire my mastery. I am strong and beautiful and rich. The vast lands and the blue sky have laid themselves before me and bowed to my mastery. I wait upon no one and no one waits upon me. I serve myself and I myself serve. Therefore I have what I need. ~Carl Jung; Red Book

Jung’s marginal note to the calligraphic volume: “accipe quod tecum est. in collect. Mangeti in ultimis paginis” (Accept what is present. In the last page of the Mangeti
collection). It seems that this refers to the Bibliotheca chemica curiosa, seu rerum ad alchemiam pertinentium thesaurus instructissimus of J. J. Manget (1702), a collection of alchemical texts. Jung possessed a copy of this work, which has some slips of paper in it and some underlinings. Jung’s note possibly refers to the last woodcut of the Mutus Uber, which concludes volume one of the Bibliotheca chemica curiosa, a representation of the completion of the alchemical opus, with a man being lifted upward by angels, while another lies prostrate. ~Carl Jung; Red Book; Footnote 314.