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New Church Dogma and The Assumption of Mary

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Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume 2, 1951-1961

To Alice Lewisohn Crowley

Dear N., Bollingen, 30 December 1951

Thank you ever so much for your juicy collection of culinary delights!

I arrived here only yesterday and I still feel a bit tired after the labours of Xmas celebrations.

I am practising the gentle art of sleeping.

After a while I will try my hand on the third stage of coniunctio but for the time being I am undergoing the curse of letter-writing.

Only through submission to detestable duties does one gain a certain feeling of liberation which induces a creative mood.

In the long run one cannot steal creation.

I am glad you enjoyed our club-meeting.

It was correctly on the shortest day.

Now the light increases again.

I have greeted it with the ancient slute: Chaire nymphie neon pho!

(Welcome bridegroom new light)

There is great excitement in the Catholic church and much discussion about the new dogma.

I am just reading about it.

The pope has caught them neatly at their own game of fostering creeds that have no foundation in the scriptures.

Best wishes for the New Year,

Yours affectionately,

C.G. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 30-31.

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