The Red Book

How sweet, how bitter
it tastes!

The Below is weak,
The Above is weak

The form of the One
it tastes! becomes double.

North, rise and be gone,
West, retire to your place,

East, spread yourself,
South, die down.

The winds in between
loosen the crucified. [Carl Jung Red Book; Illumination #135]

Red Book Footnote #248 Inscription: “Completed on 25 November I922. The fire comes out of Muspilli and grasps the tree of life. A cycle’is completed, but it is the cycle within the world egg.
A strange God, the unnameable God of the solitary, is incubating it. New creatures form from the smoke and ashes.” In Norse mythology Muspilli (or Muspelheim) is
the abode of the Fire Gods.