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Jung My Mother and I

Catherine “Katy” Cabot, Carl Jung and Emma Jung correspond regarding the sudden death of Toni Wolff.

Dear Onkel:

It was a great shock to me to get the news of Toni’s death and I know that it must have been the same for you and also a great loss, for she was not only a wonderful person, but a magnificent collaborator in your work. How well I remember those first years, before you took me on, when she “led me by the hand” and taught me to walk! It makes me very sad to think that I shall never see her again. For I do owe her so much. Please accept my deepest sympathy, and if your fell like it, do come down here, for a visit with me after Easter, for a rest.

Very affectionately yours,

Catherine Cabot. [Letter written March 28, 1953]

Dear Mrs. Cabot,

Thank you very much for your kind letter of sympathy, it was good of you to write. Toni’s death has been a terribe shock to me and to us all, especially as it was so sudden and entirely unexpected. There are many people who will feel as you do over her loss which is quite irreparable in many ways.

It is very kind of you to ask me to come down to you for a rest after Easter, but I have not yet been away from the house since my long illness began last autumn, and now this fresh shock has set me back again. I do not think therefore that it is possible for me to accept, though I very much appreciate the invitation and your kind thought.

Cordially yours,

C.G. Jung [Letter written March 31, 1953]

Dear Mrs. Cabot!

Thank you for your letters and your invitation to have lunch with you, when you will be in Zurich. It reached me with some delay as we were in Bollingen for the vacation, which we even prolonged. From that you see, that Uncle is rather well, although he still has to be careful & to limit his work as much as possible.

I hope very much to see you, when you are here but should prefer you to come to Kusnacht as I have so much to do just now & hardly could manage to come to town for I also [have] got be be careful about myself.

As you say, Toni’s departure was a terrible blow and we miss her very much; it stil seems not quite true.

I hope that your cure is not too strenuous & will be successful; it would be a good thing for me too!

With warmest greetings,

Yours very sincerely,

Emma Jung [Letter written probably in September 1953.]

Source: “Jung, My Mother and I” by Jane Cabot; Pages 565 – 566.