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Carl Jung’s Red Book Illumination 119

The Red Book

Carl Jung’s Illumination #119 from The Red Book.

I am he, the nameless one, who does not know himself and whose name is concealed even from himself I have no name, since I have not yet existed, but have only just become. To myself I am an Anabaptist and a stranger. I, who I am, am not it. But
I, who will be I before me and after me, am it. In that I abased myself I elevated myself as another. In that I accepted myself I divided myself into two, and in that I united myself with myself I became the smaller part of myself I am this in my consciousness. However, I am thus in my consciousness as if I were also separated
from it. I am I [Image119] I not in my second and greater state, as if I were this second and greater one mysel£ but I am always . in ordinary consciousness, yet so separate and distinct from it, as if I were in my second and greater state, but without the consciousness of really being it. I have even become smaller and poorer, but precisely because of my smallness I can be conscious of the nearness of the great.

Footnote 126: 226 Image legend: “The accursed dragon has eaten the sun, its belly being cut open and he must not hand over the gold of the sun, together with his blood. This is the turning back of Atmavictu, of the old one. He who destroyed the proliferating green covering is the youth who helped me to kill Siegfried.” The reference is to Libel’ Primus, ch. 7, “Murder of the Hero.”