C.G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff: A Collection of Remembrances

Memory of Emma Jung by Elined Prys Kotschnig

She was a big, well-built, earth mother type, rather shy, and truly modest. She was not in the least fazed at being the wife of C. G. Jung.

She had grown into the stage of his world-fame at his side, and took it naturally.

I recall telling her how I had felt, before a session with Jung, as though I were about to climb Sinai, so great was my anxiety and the sense of awe I irrationally felt.

I’ve never forgotten the amused lift of her eyebrows, and her surprised “Really?” at the thought of his inspiring such intense emotion!

P. W. Martin, author of Experiments in Depth, used to say that the really individuated partner in the Jung couple was Mrs. Jung!

And I remember when I returned to Zurich after the war, when the Institute was just being organized and there was much nervous tension and mutual criticism to be observed, that the only person who was not a target of criticism was Mrs. Jung.

As she was chairman of the Curatorium, I found myself wondering what could be wrong with Mrs. Jung-until in the course of several months at the Institute, it became clear that everything was so right with Mrs. Jung that nobody felt the need to find fault. She was admired, respected, beloved, and she moved quietly through that first difficult year, a truly healing and helpful presence. ~C. G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff – A Collection of Remembrances; Page 40