Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume I, 1906-1950 (Vol 1)

To Richard Wilhelm

Dear friend, 25 May 1929

It is lovely to hear the word “friend” from you.

Fate seems to have apportioned to us the role of two piers which support the bridge between East and West.

I thank you with all my heart that you are willing to give the lecture.

For the time being, however, you must get thoroughly well again.

Please let me know how things are with you (indirectly through your secretary or wife). All of us here are concerned about your health and would be glad to have news of • you now and then.

I hope Baden-Baden is doing you good.

At present I am overworked, so my MS1 must wait a bit. I am taking a holiday at the end of June and then I shall have leisure to finish the work.

No harm has been done by my putting it off, because I have had a number of experiences that have given me some very valuable insights.

With heartfelt wishes for your speedy and thorough recovery,

Your devoted Jung.

[Note MS1 refers to: Jung’s commentary on the Golden Flower.] ~Carl Jung, Collected Letters Volume 1, Page 66.