C.G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff: A Collection of Remembrances

Memory of Emma Jung by Werner H. Engel

To Emma Jung I owe an utterly powerful experience.

It was about a year before her death. There had been various questions on her mind referring to her wide interests, and the copies did not exclude personal matters.

In a series of meetings that we shared, problems came up about the suitability, potentials and methods of analytical training, also disappointments.

She also asked questions about models of American reclining chairs, apparently stimulated by her desire to sit and rest more comfortably-maybe related to an early discomfort that may have foreshadowed her tragic end.

Our last meeting was the most personal. At a certain point Emma Jung stood up, walked around her long table, and stretched om her hand. I, standing, took her guiding hand, and she led me all the way to Jung’s room.

She opened the door, said my name, and when Dr. Jung gestured to me to be seated, she had left.

Dr. Jung started speaking, not so much to me as to himself or to what was around us.

From my side, I was being a silent witness to a highly moving and revealing glance into his very personal past and the expressions of an unfathomable depth from which his incomparable strength has brought up the indescribable value of darkness to the simply inconceivable extent of consciousness.

My words cannot and would not describe what happened there.

Twenty years of following that man’s guidance had found their most meaningful confirmation.

I could not see Emma Jung again but her outstretched hand has never changed in its grace for me.

Her hand also provided me with a glimpse of knowing the depth of the relationship between these extraordinary persons, each in their own way being like a rock of inner
stability, knowing well the lapping of the waves all around, but having reached a dimension that was co be lived in creative aloneness and togetherness alike.

As I experienced it, Emma Jung had brought about a form of relatedness on that level where synchronicity leads to a kind of interpersonal union where both partners together become carriers of creative aces when the specific moment has been recognized.

It was Emma Jung’s outstretched hand that had functioned as the catalyst. Its symbolic meaning for me has nor died with her. ~ C.G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff -A Collection of Remembrances, Pages 14-15