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C.G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff: A Collection of Remembrances

Memory of Toni Wolff by Gerhard Adler:

Dr. Adler wrote:

“This is the letter I wrote on the occasion of Toni Wolff~death to Pfovver Schair, the clergyman who officiated at the memorial service.

He had asked Toni’s friends for help with his memorial oration, and he found my letter worthwhile reading at the service. It has been printed but only in a very private memorial booklet. ”

My strongest impression of Toni Wolff, from beginning to end, was one of infinite goodness and capacity for self-sacrifice.

I know very well that for many people this side of her was hidden or only to be discovered in roundabout ways: for this kindness and deep, understanding humanity was accompanied by a harsh outer side.

But this harshness was really nothing but the self-protection of an infinitely differentiated and sensitive human being.

Never again have I found in anyone this mixture of legitimate pride and deep humility.

At the same rime this woman could be charming, enchanting, fascinatingly feminine, so that all harshness and superficial toughness would melt away.

She did not give herself easily to a human relationship.

But once the ice was broken, there was no legitimate demand or request to which she would not respond with total and peerless self-sacrifice.

When one addressed oneself to her honestly and without pretense, then there were no limits to her friendship.

She held each of her relationships with such loyalty and steadfastness that it is no wonder that hundreds of people all over the world depended on her as a criterion for their own life’s course, as a lasting inspiration for the honest solution of their life’s problems, and as a most loyal friend who never let an appeal go unheard . ~Collections of Remembrances, Carl Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff” by Ferne Jensen, Page 1.