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Joseph Campbell: The source of temporal life is eternity.

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The Power of Myth

Here is what was said in a more complete context:

MOYERS: What does that mean, “Eternity is in love with the productions of time”?

CAMPBELL: The source of temporal life is eternity.

Eternity pours itself into the world. It is a basic mythic idea of the god who becomes many in us. In India, the god who lies in me is called the “inhabitant” of the body.

To identify with that divine, immortal aspect of yourself is to identify yourself with divinity.

Now, eternity is beyond all categories of thought.

This is an important point in all of the great Oriental religions.

We want to think about God.

God is a thought.

God is a name.

God is an idea.

But its reference is to something that transcends all thinking.

The ultimate mystery of being is beyond all categories of thought.

As Kant said, the thing in itself is no thing.

It transcends thingness, it goes past anything that could be thought.

The best things can’t be told because they transcend thought.

The second best are misunderstood, because those are the thoughts that are supposed to refer to that which can’t be thought about.

The third best are what we talk about. And myth is that field of
reference to what is absolutely transcendent. ~Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth, Pages 67-68

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