From Conversations with C. G. Jung

Primeval history is the story of the beginning of consciousness by differentiation from the archetypes.

It leads to the fire whose origin lies in a crime.

A man on this earth carries the flame of consciousness within him.

Individual existence is the crime against the gods, disobedience to God, the peccatum originale.

Out of this projection of spiritual fire is born the anima.

The coldness of the psyche is in opposition to the warmth of the fire.

The anima comes out of an emotional act, taking place in darkness, the compensation for the crime against the fire; the anima is the compensating element that must be extracted from matter.

It must be begotten by a creative act to compensate for the rape of the fire.

A man needs to be hostile to woman in order to free himself from the “Baubo” that he sees in his mother.

When the Primeval Mother is overcome the anima can become a world consciousness; she must be chiseled from the earth.

The seed of the anima is only productive when man can subordinate his libido to the female principle.

If he does not succeed the anima runs away and the man turns to violence to find himself — to the tormenting of those around him or the boasting of self-importance.

It naturally makes a great difference in practice to a woman whether a man projects a positive or negative anima on to her, but psychologically speaking they are equivalent projections. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 32.