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Modern Man in Search of a Soul

“Beyond all question, there is a marked disturbance today in the realms of sexual life . . . an over-emphasized sexuality piled up behind a dam; and it shrinks at once to normal proportions as soon as the way to development is opened.

It is being caught in the old resentments against parents and relations and in the boring emotional tangles of the family situation which most often brings about the damming-up of the energies of life . . . (it) shows itself as that kind of sexuality which is called “infantile.”

It is really not sexuality proper, but an unnatural discharge of tensions that belong to quite another province of life.

This being so, what is the use of paddling about in this flooded country?

It is important to open up drainage canals.

We should try to find, in a change of attitude or in new ways of life, that difference of potential which the pent-up energy requires.

Freudian psychology – points no way that leads beyond the inexorable cycle of biological events.

This hopelessness would drive one to exclaim with Paul: “Wretched man that I am, who will deliver me . . .”

There is nothing that can free us from this bond except that opposite urge of life, the spirit.

It is not the children of the flesh, but the “children of God” who know freedom.” ~Carl Jung