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Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume I, 1906-1950 (Vol 1)

To Isobel Moore

Dear Miss Moore, 2 May 1938

Buddha was once asked by one of his disciples why all his disciples, though redeemed, didn’t possess the wonderful gifts of the fourth degree of contemplation, namely: sitting on the air, walking through walls, remembering their past lives, seeing things in the future, and touching the sun and moon.

Buddha quietly turned the disciple’s mind to the path of redemption and let him see how foolish it was to ask for such miracles.

That is what the superior Indian thinks about the claims of the yogins.

I’m not aware of Freud having written an article on yoga.

I have written such an article a few years ago.

It has often happened that my name has been exchanged for Freud’s.

Sincerely yours,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Page 244.