But if we think that God were responsible for the original sin, there would be no more mystery about sin. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 48.
Adam and Eve would indeed have been inadequate people if they had not noticed which tree the right apples grew on. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 48.
If we study the horoscopes of a murderer and his victim we find that the victim has murdered himself. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 49.
A man often makes a decidedly infantile resistance to a woman and therefore at the same time to his own unconscious side. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 51.
A man also has a secret fear of a woman’s opinions. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 51.
Yahweh had this fear of Sophia and yet she helped him to create the world; he took on too much, without moderation. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 51.
A woman is more likely to acknowledge her own duality. A man is continually blinded by his intellect and does not learn through insight. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 51.
A woman is necessary to force a man to live in the concrete world. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 51.
There are women who believe that man will deflect them from their goals and men who often believe that women want to keep them from their work; yet the real causes are either fear of the other sex or of one’s own unconscious. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 51.
In a marriage neither partner sits on a throne. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 52.
When an archetypal event approaches the sphere of consciousness, it also manifests itself in the outer life. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
When an archetype is constellated it can appear in the inner and the outer world at the same time. Each distinct case is an example of creation. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
I do not use the I Ching very often myself but it has always given me something. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 56.
There is a story that says that when Mohammed ascended into Heaven the stone in the Temple of Jerusalem wanted to go too. The archetype manifests itself in the outer world as sympathia. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 56.
Synchronicity means the simultaneous occurrence of a psychic state with one or more external events, which appear as meaningful parallels to the momentary subjective state. ~Carl Jung, CW 8, Page 441.
Just as a causality describes the sequence of events, so synchronicity to the Chinese mind, deals with the coincidence of events. ~Carl Jung, CW 11, Page 593.
The irrational fullness of life has taught me, never to discard anything, even if it goes against all our theories. ~Carl Jung, CW 11, Page 602.
The method like all divinatory or intuitive techniques is based on an acausal or synchronistic connective principle. ~Carl Jung, CW 8, Page 452.
Science can collect experiences and find averages but the central and essential phenomena are passed over. Science only reaches the crudest basic conclusions. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
Whole areas of life are considered by science to be non-existent so that it can concern itself with the laws of space and time. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
But in the world it is not what is usual or general that is essential, but the exceptional and the individual; there is no such thing as a normal person, even in biology. The result of science is to reduce everything abstractly to an average; in spite of all its ingenuity it cannot create identity. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
Physics does admit that there are exceptions that can be expressed as statistical truths, but it has no room for the a-causal ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
The scientist is prejudiced by reason which acts to hide the world from him. Reality does not lie in statistical averages but in exceptions. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
I should like to study the theory of numbers. What is a number, an entity, a sequence, an archetype? We think we can perceive and grasp a number logically and suddenly it behaves quite differently from the way we expected. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
It is a fundamental phenomenon of mathematics that numbers are not just mathematical entities but individualities. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.
We believe we are playing with equations and suddenly it transpires that certain equations express the laws of electric currents. God played and formulated currents. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 55.