Memories Dreams Reflections

[Carl Jung – The “Shadow” is not always the Shadow of the Persona but can be an ethnic shadow…A Shadow of the Self.]

In traveling to Africa to find a psychic observation post outside the sphere of the European, I unconsciously wanted to find that part of my personality which had become invisible under the influence and the pressure of being European.

This part stands in unconscious opposition to myself, and indeed I attempt to suppress it.

In keeping with its nature, it wishes to make me unconscious (force me under water) so as to kill me; but my aim is, through insight, to make it more conscious, so that we can find a common modus vivendi.

The Arab’s dusky complexion marks him as a “shadow,” but not the personal shadow, rather an ethnic one associated not with my persona but with the totality of my personality, that is, with the self.

As master of the Kasbah, he must be regarded as a kind of shadow of the self.

The predominantly rationalistic European finds much that is human alien to him, and he prides himself on this without realizing that his rationality is won at the expense of his vitality, and that the primitive part of his personality is consequently condemned to a more or less underground existence. ~Carl Jung, Memories Dreams and Reflections.