The Truth in the Analytical Process by Solange Schneider


Analyzing the role of truth, secrets and lies, as well as ethics in human relationships, cannot be postponed. The way we deal with truth in our private and public lifes affects our mental health, just as unjust governments affect our personal lives.

The rescue of the truth in our culture is not simple, and the news reports it daily. We must learn how to deal with the chaos of ethics, and the truth must regain its characteristic meaning as a structuring symbol, not only for the individual but also for all cultures. Therefore, the main purpose of this book is to discuss the truth as an important part of human communication, and to explore it as a symbol in Psychology, History, Philosophy, Religion, Science and also in Politics.

The mythology is a way to discover the meanings of truth in the analytical psychological process. The concept of Maat, the egyptian goddess who embodies truth, justice, balance and morality, is reproduced throughout history by several cultures and religions. The principle of Maat must be rescued.