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Freud/Jung Letters

Dear Professor Freud, 31 January 1911

Many thanks for all the news in you~ last letter. – As I am laid low with influenza, this will be only a soulless typed letter.”

Stekel’s aphorisms are atrocious.

A blessing they were suppressed – The real reason for my writing to you in haste and so disjointedly, and sending the letter by a third hand, is to introduce a friend from my student days at Basel University, a surgeon-.

He is an amiable fellow with a laudable if limited interest in psychoanalysis.

He won’t make a nuisance of himself in any way, only wants to take a modest seat in the Vienna Society and learn a thing or two.

The name is Dr. Achilles Muiller.

I had no idea of the mishap that has befallen your son.

In the circumstances it is a miracle that he got off so lightly.

These accidents are terribly dangerous. – My wife and I send heartfelt wishes for speedy recovery.

Best regards and wishes for your own health,

Most sincerely yours,

JUNG ~Carl Jung, Freud/Jung Letters, Vol. 1, Page 389