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Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume I, 1906-1950 (Vol 1)

My dear Christiana Morgan, 28 December 1927

Don’t think you are forgotten. You would be far from the truth.

First of all you ought to realize that I lived in the happy illusion that I had written to you-presumably because I so often thought of you and I had the intention to ·write to yon so often that eventually I
felt as if I had written.

Well you know, it’s all overwork.

There is just too much to do!

Let me thank you most sincerely for your pictures and the text.

I went through the pictures, but not yet through the text. I think your technique has most marvellously improved.

One of your pictures is almost exactly like one of St. Hildegard’s from the early 13th century-I just discovered it. (The one with a naked figure in the centre of the circle.)

This seems to be specifically feminine.

With a man it is nearly always some abstraction; a geometrical figure f.i. that expresses the ultimate form of his essence.

It is probably Logos and Eros, impersonal and personal, which are the most fundamental differences between man and woman.

Your material is most valuable to me.

I often think of working through it, because it seems to me as if it were a most beautiful example of the original initiation process.

In early December your face haunted me for a while.

I should have written then but there was the question of time.

Thank you for everything.

“Don’t blame me!” You are always a living reality to me whereas other former patients fade away into oblivion, becoming unreal shadows in Hades.

You are keeping on living.

There seems to be some sort of living connection (but I should have said that long ago I suppose).

You probably need a confirmation from my side of the ocean just as well.

Please do tell Jonah as well as your husband that they are real to me.

If I don’t write, it is just that hell of letters and papers and patients.

But my dear(!!) Christiana Morgan, you are just a bit of a marvel to me. Now don’t laugh, there is nothing to laugh about.

You were quite right in scolding me.

Yours affectionately,

C. G. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 48-49