Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul

Artist Mary Crile visited Jung in that period.

The last time I saw Jung face to face. . .

I found him much aged but there was the same kindly twinkle behind those penetrating eyes of his.

When he said, “Pull up your chair, for I am getting deaf and old and stupid,” I could not help smiling as I reminded him that he had made exactly the same remark to me, just eleven years earlier.

He replied with a chuckle “Well, it doesn’t seem to get any better.”. . .

When I asked him what he was writing he said, “My biography. . . .

It is purgatory. Frau Jaffe is writing it but I must check it all because no one knows someone else’s life.

I have done the first twenty years because one can be more objective there.”

He paused and then added thoughtfully, “I don’t know the meaning of .life.”

As he said this I felt that, even for Jung, who more than anyone else in our day saw life steadily and saw it whole,
there still remained an unsolved mystery. ~Mary Crile,Wounded Healer of the Soul, Pages 194-195.


Oedipus Considers the Riddle Bronze by Glyn Warren Philpot, 1930.

As Jung engaged, the riddle of the meaning of life remained an enigma, an open mystery to be forever pondered. ~Claire Dunne, Wounded Healer of the Soul, Page 195.